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Santhosh Kumar

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San was a wizkid. When he was 9 years old, his interest in this thing called “internet” was piqued. So, he joined the first batch of “internet coaching” in a browsing centre called The Downtown Cafe in R.S.Puram, Coimbatore. Those were the days of MSN and Yahoo! Soon, a keen interest in graphic design followed.

San pursued his interest in designing in college. He spent his time sharpening his skills in Adobe Photoshop, learning photography and cinematography. He designed the logo for the Student Union in PSG Tech, two years in a row. He did numerous presentations for his department, Fashion Technology. He was quickly grabbed up by other departments to make animations using Adobe AfterEffects and Swish.

Indeed, his impressive designs spoke volumes about this introverted artist!

Having spotted one of San’s presentations and his self-customized notebook Murali decided to add him to the team and the trio was born. San is usually the brand building expert and designer at Vivahhika.

San is an explorer by heart. Architecture, nature and music are his constant inspirations. When he gets the time and when the skies are opportune, he stargazes with his telescope.