Outdoor Extravaganzika™ takes wedding decorations​ to a whole new level. We ​construct structures, platforms and enclosures from the ground up. ​Basically,​ ​turning​ ​barren​ ​lands​ ​into​ ​wonderlands!

The magic of the extraordinary kind happens here! You travel through space and time to arrive at your destination. You hardly recognize the place anymore. Where once was a barren land, now stands a palace, a fort, a forest! You can feel the roar of the majestic animals. You can hear the chirp-chirp sounds of the birds that have happily fluttered down to perch on the incredulous sculptures. You lose count of the many dozens of colorful flowers all around you. Is it magic? Is it genius? Is it art? It could be all of them. Your eyes can hardly contain the joy and delight upon seeing this incredible transformation! You take your first step into the wonderland!