The Indian Arts have a way of casting a spell on the spectator. The Indian Wedding Arts are even more stunning and magical! In a style fitting the grandeur of royal weddings, we present Extravaganzika™ - an exploration and explosion of art. In every Extravaganzika™ project we challenge ourselves to create the most tremendous feats of art yet unseen in the Indian Wedding scene. Stunning and astounding! Surreal yet realistic! Divine and dreamlike! Every little angelic detail is handcrafted by our artisans - the brilliant concept designers, the dexterous sculptors and weavers, the gifted painters, and the skilled set-hands - to create absolute imperial weddings.

Sushhhh.. Can you hear the mighty elephants marching in the wedding procession? Do you see the lush pink lotuses dancing in the pond? This royal pathway leads you from the majestic entrance arch all the way to the gigantic golden dome at the centre of the empyreal palace! Do you feel the breeze swaying in the soft silks all around you? Can you hear the birds of paradise chirping happily and singing an ode to the bride and groom as they begin their journey together?

Come, let us tell you the stories of epic transformations!
Let Time stand still, as you gaze from one artistic wonder to the next in awe!
Come, experience the saga of extravagance and opulence!